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Modernized Data Protection for The Enterprise

The Rixon solution helps organizations stay protected against data exposure and data breaches through our Cloud-based Vaultless Tokenization Platform.


Depend on your security posture. The Rixon solution is built on a global cloud infrastructure, providing a contractual service level agreement of 99.9999999% of Data Durability and 99.999% of up time.


Ensure business continuity. The Rixon Cloud-based Vaultless Tokenization Platform outperforms the competition, tokenizing data at 2.5 million tokens per second.


Rest easy knowing your data is private. The Rixon Cloud-based Vaultless Tokenization Platform never stores any of your sensitive data. We've designed our solution so that not even we can access your data ensuring complete security and control for the organization.

Explore What We Mean By 'Disappearing Your Data

New to tokenization? Start here.

Tokenization is the process of replacing sensitive clear text characters with randomized surrogate non-exploitable characters. Tokenization is processed through a tokenization engine that historically sits on-premises. Rixon is different in how we offer our tokenization services. The Rixon tokenization engine is cloud-based, adding layers of flexibility, scalability, and security  compared to the traditional on-premises tokenization solutions.

Tokenization differs from encryption in how the sensitive source data is abstracted. Tokenization replaces sensitive clear text characters with non-sensitive surrogate characters through random replacement. Encryption abstracts data in a pattern-based method processed via the encryption algorithm. Importantly, encryption can be brute-force cracked by reversing the encryption algorithm, where as tokenization is completely randomized in the surrogate replacement characters.

Vaulted versus vautless tokenization describe how tokenized data is stored. In a vaulted tokenization architecture, tokenized data is stored on the same server that processes the tokenization. In a vaultless tokenization architecture, tokenized data is not stored on the same server processing the tokenization. The Rixon Technology provides a vautless tokenization solution to separate the tokenized data set and the tokenization engine that processes the data. This architectural design adds another layer of security, minimizing the risk of a data breach and data exposure.

Cloud-based tokenization offers the speed, scale, and flexibility of a modernized cloud offering that an on-premises solution simply cannot provide. The Rixon solution is built on a global cloud architecture with layers of security and redundancy to ensure that our tokenization platform is highly available and secure.

For years, organizations have tried to protect their sensitive data by building up advanced data security parameters to keep bad actors and cybercriminals out. 

Unfortunately, we’re finding that data theft and data breaches continue to grow, with an expected price tag of 5 trillion in losses accounted for by data breaches by 2024. With the cost of data breaches set to hit a record high in 2021, it’s safe to say that the current data protection strategies need enhancement; this is where Rixon Technology comes in. Rixon Technology is redefining data security by replacing static sensitive data with non-exploitable surrogate data. Rixon promotes organizations to continue to fortify their existing data security parameter; however with Rixon, if the bad actors do gain access to your environment, they’ll only gain access to worthless non-exploitable surrogate data. This is the value of the Rixon Solution.

The Rixon Solution is built on a unique modernized security architecture that ensures your organization’s data privacy and security. First and Foremost, Rixon never stores any of your sensitive data in our environment. The Rixon solution simply tokenizes and detokenizes data processes in our global cloud architecture, processing our services at 2.5 million tokens per second. Our platform is built on resiliency and redundancy, offering contractural SLAs of 9 9s of data durability and 5 9’s of data uptime. Lastly, we’ve designed our solution so that not even Rixon employees can access your sensitive data.  We’ve developed this solution to be extremely safe, secure, and resilient, proving a modernized data security approach.

The Rixon solution’s value is in replacing an organization’s sensitive clear-text data with non-exploitable tokenized data. Tokenized data in a static state, to the benefit of organizations, possess a huge advantage over clear-text or encrypted data regarding compliance. For instance, by PCI-DSS compliance guidelines, static datasets are considered “out of scope, dramatically reducing an organization’s compliance data when storing and managing customer data.” Further, Rixon can help organizations meet CCPA & GPDR’s ‘right to be forgotten’ or ‘right to erasure’ through our reversible masking technology. With Rixon, organizations can effectively give control of a data owner’s sensitive data back to the data owner. 

Rixon Technology has developed a Chome Plug-in to monitor when and where your personally identifiable information is being stored. When you install our free Rixon Chrom Plug-in, you’ll be notified when and where your PII is stored. From here, you can request that data to be deleted should that organization comply with CCPA or GDPR.