Rixon Technology gives you a high-speed, fully customizable data security platform that scales with your business.


A safer, Faster solution for healthcare data security

Our advanced security platform empowers health care providers to store,transmit and process sensitive data without the risk of a breach or negative compliance findings.


Traditional security technology systems are reactive, remaining complacent until the next big data breach. Rixon takes a proactive approach to data security. Our technology allows organizations to proactively design their security posture, based on their unique risk tolerance and the compliance thresholds.


With the healthcare industry often at the forefront of new data security regulations, ensuring your data security solution meets every compliance guideline is paramount. Each year, companies pay millions of dollars in HIPAA fines alone. Our solution helps you remain compliant across all healthcare requirements.


Every covered entity has different security needs and expectations. Our software is built for total flexibility and control. Choose from right to be forgotten (RTBF) which means your personal information won’t be stored, geofencing, multiple character sets, and reversible masking while you build your company’s desired data security posture.


Discover Why The Rixon Advanced Security Platform is the Future of Healthcare Data Security