Why partner with rixon technology?

Rixon Technology Partner Overview

As a technology partner, reseller, MSP, or consultant, we understand that you take on a certain level of risk every time you promote a new technology or data security solution to your client. Every solution that you promote represents your expertise, dependability, and trustworthiness and adds a level of vulnerability to your working relationship between you and your client.

That being said, it’s critically important that the data security solutions you promote will enhance your client’s data security posture, limit risk, and help them ensure compliance. 

Unfortunately, today, many data security solutions do not effectively protect clients’ data, help mitigate risk or reduce the overall likelihood of data exposure. See, as we all know, there are hundreds of data security solutions and data protection strategies in the market today that promise a safe, secure environment.

 However, in parallel, we see an astonishingly fast-growing cybercrime market, expected to reach a global price tag of $10.5 trillion annually by 2025.  So, What’s going on here? 

It’s our assessment that the current data security strategies need improvement to protect against these attacks more effectively. If not, wouldn’t we see a drop in the total cost of cybercrime?

With Rixon Technology, your clients can gain true data security. Though the Rixon Technology industry-leading tokenization solution, your clients can benefit from abstracted production PII, removing the risk of data breaches, unintentional data exposure, and data fraud.


records were exposed globally via data breaches in 2020 contributing to the worst year on record by Q2 of 2020 – 2020 Q3 Data Breach QuickView Report


dollars is the projected total global cost for cybercrime in 2021. – Herjavec Group


days is the average lifecycle that signifies the time between a data breach and the time to exposure. – IBM

Gain True Data Security With Rixon Technology

Rixon Technology offers technology partner, reseller, MSP, or consultant a unique opportunity to partner with a technology provider that can truly provide an answer to this growing challenge of data exposure, data breaches.

With Rixon Technology’s Vautless Tokenization Platform, there is no stored persistent data at the host site, and the client organization will only store non-sensitive tokens. This unique process is termed vaultless tokenization. This vaultless tokenization process provides organizations with another layer of protection since Rixon Technology never stores the client organization’s sensitive data, removing a target for data exploitation. Neither Rixon nor the client organization can rear the surrogate tokenized data in its static state. Only when the client organization performs a detokenization request at the application layer, (built on advanced authorization access controls), can the client organization, and only the client organization regain access to the clear-text sensitive data.

Furthermore, suppose an organization is storing their customers’ data. In this case, the tokenization algorithm can include a secret value that only the end-user provides and is aware of, extending accountability and access control to a 3rd level.  In this scenario, all three entities would need to provide the part of the transaction that they have, in order for one of the entities to gain access to the protected data. Rixon Technology does not persist any values that customers send to the engine, and clear text data is always overwritten and cleared in memory within micro-seconds of operation. In addition, no person at Rixon Technology has access to any of the production tokenization servers. Rixon Technology can also provide the security policies that a client organization configures to manage how data is accessed and who can obtain the full clear text or partially masked data after combining all the “partial-keys” from the various entities involved.   

Lastly, if encryption is what you want, Rixon Technology’s Tokenization Engine includes a public/private Key Encryption Management System with each subscription. Our KMS supports several Asymmetric ciphers and keeps the private keys securely in a vault, allowing you to encrypt your data locally, while still employing dual control and audit visibility into who, how, where, and when your data is being accessed.

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