Give Your Clients Superior Data Security Services With Vaultless, Cloud-Based Tokenization

Rixon offers an industry-first, patented solution that provides organizations the ability to meet CCPA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and all other data security & privacy requirements with ease. Through our patented process, data owners gain complete control over their data. Rixon’s solution is completely configurable by the organization, offers unmatched speeds, and does not interfere with any critical business operations.

Provide Your Clients Superior Data Security Services With Vaultless, Cloud-based Tokenization

As a Rixon partner, you provide your clients with solutions to two of the most difficult challenges facing them today: data security and compliance. Tokenization is the most powerful tool to protect personal data from theft, and our cloud-native software is designed to completely remove the risk of data breaches. Our customizable APIs give your clients the tools to create a security infrastructure that will safeguard personal data, fulfill compliance requirements, and operate anywhere in the world.

Benchmark Performance

Rixon's solution is highly reliable, efficient, and can scale with any business. Our technology does not cause data degradation, meaning your clients won’t see any lag on their site, which is especially important for businesses that operate in multiple online and offline environments.

Built for a Global Market

Our technology can operate in any region in the world, in any language, with any dataset, all while meeting regulatory requirements for their specific market or industry.

Security and Compliance

Our technology was designed with more than just data breaches and “hackers” in mind. Our team of experts pays close attention to ensure your clients stay compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and all other global regulations, therefore avoiding costly fines and damage to their reputation.

Your ROI is our Bottom Line

Through automation, prevention of data breaches and regulatory fines, elimination of costly compliance overhead, and flexible pricing, Rixon increases efficiency and improves ROI for clients. Globalization, speed, and reversible masking improve your clients' ability to enter new markets and maintain their reputation.

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