Advanced Data Security and Tokenization Solutions


Empowering Your Data Protection Strategy


Secure your enterprise’s future with Rixon’s straightforward yet advanced cybersecurity solutions. Experience unparalleled data protection that’s easy to implement, ensuring compliance and mitigating digital risks in an evolving landscape. Discover peace of mind with our specialized tokenization technology.

Beyond Encryption: Rixon’s Data Security Solutions

Secure Data, Simplified

Digital padlock on a circuit board background symbolizes Rixon's robust cybersecurity measures and electronic data protection services.

Explore Rixon’s advanced vaultless data protection technology. Our format-preserving approach seamlessly integrates with your existing security practices. Our solutions transform sensitive data into secure, non-exploitable formats, adding a formidable layer of security while maintaining operational ease.

Customized Cyber Advisory

Hand holding a tablet projecting a cybersecurity shield, symbolizing Rixon's digital protection services for secure online transactions.

Personalized strategies blend strong cyber defense with our expertise. Our team collaborates with you to develop a defense strategy that upholds compliance and enhances your existing encryption services. We tailor our approach to fit your unique cybersecurity landscape, offering dynamic and responsive protection.

Proactive Threat Management

Server racks soaring among clouds, bathed in a blue light with digital binary code raining down, representing cloud storage and data services.

Stay ahead of potential threats with Rixon’s proactive data security services. Our advanced analytics and real-time data monitoring ensure your data is safe 24/7. We prioritize anticipatory measures, adapting swiftly to the ever-changing world of cyber threats. Our dedicated approach keeps your enterprise secure at all times.

Commitment to Excellence in Data Security and Compliance

Rixon Technology is proud to elevate its commitment to data security with the achievement of SOC II Type 2 certification, affirming our steadfast dedication to robust data security practices and operational excellence. We maintain the highest level of cardholder data security with PCI DSS compliance and uphold the integrity of sensitive health information as dictated by HIPAA standards. Our adherence to GDPR reflects our dedication to stringent data protection and privacy for the European Union, while our compliance with CCPA demonstrates our commitment to safeguarding consumer rights and data in California. Furthermore, our alignment with NIST 800-171 standards showcases our capability to secure controlled unclassified information meticulously. At Rixon Technology, maintaining the safety of data is a critical aspect of our business ethos.

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