Superior Data Security Software For Unrivaled Protection And Unlimited Scalability.

Rixon Technology gives you a high-speed, fully customizable data security platform that scales with your business.

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The world’s only cloud-native, vaultless tokenization data security solution solving for data owner rights, including the right to be forgotten

Total Flexibility

Every business has unique security needs. Rixon works with yours to develop a customized solution that aligns with your company’s goals, growth and risk tolerance.

Cloud-Based Security

Cloud-native solution eliminates risk by making data unusable for cyber-criminals. Vaulted solutions simply transfer risk, making your data vulnerable and your company open to compliance violations.

Proactive Approach

Your data protection solution shouldn’t be reacting to data breaches and other threats. Rixon makes your security proactive by stopping threats in their tracks.

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Globalization Meets Compliance Software

Rixon’s adaptive technology can operate in any region of the world, in any language, and with any dataset. All with full end-user transparency.

Our compliance experts are up-to-date on every guideline, law, and regulation. With Rixon, you can expand operations into any market risk-free, without worrying about fines or reputation damage.


Firms Payed $63 Million Collectively in Fines Within One Year of GDPR Passing

Tokenization + Encryption =
Superior Data Security

Traditional Data Security

The traditional data security model involves storing data in a vault surrounded by layers of protection that can still be bypassed by diligent cyber-criminals. It’s reactive by nature, with a focus on encryption and damage control. Once the vault is opened, your data is there for the taking

Rixon’s Approach

At Rixon, we believe the best approach to protecting your data is to make it of no value to a cyber-criminal. No codes. No vaults. Our cloud-native tokenization technology transforms sensitive information into unusable character strings, eliminating data breaches and other risks.

Your Data in Your Hands

Our tokenization engines operate with zero human involvement and we don’t store any data. Only you get to control how and when your data is accessed.

The Average Ransomware Payment in 2020 was $111,605

Take control of your data security

Protect your clients with the safest, fastest, most flexible and scalable data security solution on the market today.