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At Rixon Technology, our passion for advancing cybersecurity and data protection through tokenization sets us apart. As industry leaders, we leverage our patented tokenization technology to empower businesses to excel in the digital era. Our goal is to deliver tokenization-based solutions that ensure data security, compliance, and privacy globally.

Choosing Rixon Technology means securing your digital assets with a partnership defined by innovation and excellence in tokenization. We simplify the complexities of today’s data protection and compliance challenges, aiming to consistently exceed industry standards.

Specialized Consulting

Our expertise in data protection and compliance enables us to craft customized strategies for your business's specific needs.

Patented Technology

At the heart of our offerings is our unique tokenization technology, providing unmatched security and privacy solutions that protect your data across all touchpoints.

Opting for Rixon Technology means enhancing your digital assets with a partnership defined by innovation and excellence. We simplify cybersecurity, preparing your business to navigate the complexities of today’s data protection and compliance, aimed at surpassing industry standards. Let's explore how our tailored solutions can elevate your business's growth and success.

Your Ideal Partner in Data Security
Unique Advantages of Rixon Technology

Discover unique advantages with Rixon Technology, where budget-friendly meets best-in-class security. Our predictable pricing model eliminates surprises, ensuring that compliance and market expansion are cost-effective.

  • Real-time detection of data use changes and anomaly reporting.
  • Simplifies audits for privacy/data compliance regulations.
  • Continuous logging for operational review.
  • Understanding and demonstrating PII usage tracking.
  • Predictable costs with zero data storage fees.
  • Mitigates costs associated with data breaches.
  • Ensures complete control over security protocols.
  • Protects PII through pseudonymization.
  • Eliminates third-party data risks.
  • Processes large volumes without system latency.
  • Resilient backup protocols to eliminate ransomware payments.
  • Seamless work with multiple coding languages.
  • Masking for role-based data access.
  • Role-based and department-based access policies for PII.
  • Advanced security services enhancing data protection.
  • We do not pass on Data Storage costs to our Partners & Clients.

Our Mission: Empowering Growth with Security

We proudly introduce the world’s only cloud-native, vaultless tokenization platform, a cornerstone of data security and privacy measures. Our pioneering technology excels in mitigating the risk of storing sensitive data by substituting it with tokens. This scalable and efficient approach ensures sensitive information is protected and not stored at rest, aligning with our commitment to comprehensive compliance with global standards such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS.

Meet the Rixon Technology Team

Dave Johnson

CEO & Co-Founder

Dave Johnson is a seasoned technology and cybersecurity executive with over 30 years of expertise at. Specializing in aligning technology with business goals, he has authored pivotal IT and cybersecurity strategies, including a co-authored guide on business continuity. Dave leads a groundbreaking cloud-based SaaS venture, focusing on advanced security solutions  and unparalleled data protection.

Justin Hatcher

CTO & Co-Founder

With a 20-year track record, excels in fintech, cybersecurity, and more. Holding degrees in statistics and business administration, he’s currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Science, focusing on AI and Quantum Computing resistant data security, and has patented several groundbreaking security technologies. Outside of work, he enjoys mountain climbing, having recently achieved the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Joe Demarest


With 30 years of law enforcement experience, including a significant tenure at the FBI, Joe Demarest brings a wealth of cybersecurity knowledge to Rixon Technology. Post-FBI, he served at Ernst & Young and later as COO at a tech company. Joe’s expertise is crucial in enhancing Rixon’s cybersecurity strategies and operations, drawing from his extensive background in both criminal justice and business administration.

Doug Lambert


Douglas Lambert, a dynamic professional with a two-decade-long career in finance and technology, drives growth at Rixon Technology. With successes including a top award from Pepperdine Graziadio, Douglas has significantly influenced Rixon’s year-over-year growth. His background includes a Master’s from Brandeis and a BA from The Citadel, enriching his strategic and leadership roles.

Graham Given

Head of EMEA

Graham Given, a strategic lead with deep roots in security, manages serious threat mitigation at Rixon. Educated at Queens University Belfast and Ulster University, he’s a Member of the Security Institute and uses his extensive experience to provide comprehensive risk management services across EMEA. Graham enjoys family life and volunteers at Belfast Activity Centre, promoting outdoor learning.

Pat Forbes

Senior Advisor

Pat Forbes, a cybersecurity and IT executive, leverages extensive experience across industries like finance, hospitality, and transportation. Holding degrees from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management, Pat has been pivotal in shaping cybersecurity strategies for Fortune 500 companies and teaches at Carnegie Mellon University. 

Dave Perkins

Senior Advisor

Dave Perkins brings over five decades of information technology experience to Rixon, particularly in technology implementation and project management. Authoring a book on organizational change, Dave also contributes to his community as a treasurer and summer swim team coach. His broad expertise ensures successful technology integrations and innovative solutions within Rixon Technology.

Dr. Georgianna Shea

Advisory Board Member

Chief Technologist Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), former cybersecurity leader at the DOD.

Gregg Beall

Advisory Board Member

Former CISO at Rakuten, Vice President of Information Technology at Speed Commerce

Richard Ledgett

Advisory Board Member

Former Deputy Director of National Security Agency, Managing Director of Paladin Capital Group

Unmatched Cost Efficiency

Advanced data protection services at significantly lower costs. Our efficient pricing model provides unmatched value, ensuring premium security without premium prices.

Patented Security & Flexibility

With our patented tokenization technology and advanced ciphering processes, your data remains safeguarded with the highest level of performance and security.

Seamless Integration & Scalability

Implement our solutions effortlessly, with no need for architectural changes. Enjoy easy compliance and scalability, designed to grow with your business.

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