The ever-rising cyber thefts make it imperative to properly secure any data transmitted over the Internet or stored on digital devices for later use. Recently encryption and tokenization are the most used methods that met all the regulatory requirements accepted by GLBA,PCI DSS, ITAR, HIPAA-HITECH, and the EU GDPR to secure confidential information whenever there’s a need to transmit such on the Internet.Interestingly, tokenization and encryption are not the same; though they are dynamic data

Today, organizations are scrambling to meet and maintain a new data security compliance requirement, the ‘Right to Be Forgotten,’ also known as the ‘right to erasure.’ Right to Be forgotten is a part of both the GDPR & CCPA compliance frameworks that require an organization to erase a data owner’s personally identifiable information upon that data owner’s request.In line with GDPR & CCPA, if a data owner requests that their personal data be deleted, the