Earlier this month Rixon Technology partners with Singapore-headquartered cloud consulting provider Cloud Comrade.

For Cloud Comrade, which already counts cybersecurity vendor Trend Micro among its vendor partners, the partnership sees the cloud consulting provider on-board a relatively unique offering in the security space. Rixon Technology’s security offering provides an enterprise-grade data security-as-a-service solution designed to enable data-level protection across the enterprise through tokenization and strong encryption.

“Cloud Comrade is constantly enhancing and expanding our product offerings and capabilities to deliver new value to our customers,” said Andy Waroma, Cloud Comrade founder and co-managing director. “Rixon Technology is a unique, cloud-native data security solution for our clients, which will bolster protection against data breaches and help them comply with privacy and regulatory guidelines.”

Rixon Technology’s patented cloud-native vaultless platform tokenizes sensitive data which, in turn, renders it useless to unauthorized users.

The tokenization platform is designed with both the organization and the data owner in mind. For example, the Rixon Technology platform provides access to a reversible masking technology that automates access to right to be forgotten and right to be remembered.

Such features permit users to manage the use of their sensitive data while simultaneously streamlining and compressing complicated regulatory requirements of Cloud Comrade clients, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting partner claimed.

“We built a technology solution that understands the many challenges faced by companies and individuals due to ever-increasing complex regulatory requirements and sophisticated cyber attacks,” said Rixon Technology CEO David Johnson. “Cloud Comrade offers a high level of cloud technology competency, market expertise, and a commitment to providing superior client service.

“We are excited to offer our advanced security solution through our partnership with Cloud Comrade,” he added.

Rixon Technology’s solutions will be available via Cloud Comrade in Singapore and the broader Asia Pacific region from this month.

The Rixon Technology partnership comes just a few short months after Cloud Comrade partnered with InfraGuard to enhance its managed services offerings in Singapore, building out cloud automation capabilities to bolster product offerings across the market.

That partnership, announced in February, saw the specialist provider leverage in-built automation and self-governance features via InfraGuard.io to help reduce complexity when managing hybrid workloads across AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).