Rixon Technology gives you a high-speed, fully customizable data security platform that scales with your business.

64% of respondents in a recent study cited data loss or leakage as their biggest cloud security concern. Data privacy and confidentiality issues took second place, followed by the accidental exposure of credentials.

It’s a grim reminder that while accelerating the pace of cloud migration is a top priority for many businesses, the efficacy of cloud data protection continues to be a topic of concern. And yet, it’s a challenge that can be easily addressed.

Implementing a cloud data security platform provides an additional layer of heightened security for your cloud-based operations to protect data.

What is Cloud Data Protection? 

Cloud data protection is a series of measures taken to protect the security of a company’s data within the context of cloud environments. Cloud data protection practices become paramount when you consider the sheer number of businesses that are actively adopting cloud technology for its many benefits. 

Businesses looking to leverage cloud technology will need to actively secure confidential and sensitive data and protect the data in their cloud storage from breaches and other potentially harmful forms of unauthorized access.

How Cloud Protection Works

Cloud data protection typically involves three elements:

  • Protection against data loss through the use of backup and recovery processes
  • Use of in-built security features to prevent breaches and other forms of malicious attacks
  • Data privacy, where access to sensitive data is actively controlled through credential and access policies

The Vulnerabilities of Using Only Cloud Data Protection Services

Despite their many benefits, cloud data protection services carry their own set of inherent risks. 

1. Human Error

Verizon, in its 2022 Data Breaches Investigations Report, identified 82% of data breaches as having a human element. Breach by human error can happen in a number of different ways. 

Employees may make errors while storing, retrieving, or filing data in data centers. They may use weak and easily identifiable passwords, share passwords or account information, pass sensitive information to unauthorized personnel, or fall prey to phishing scams. 

2. Data Loss or Theft and Losing Track of Data Location

Data loss can take place when the data on the cloud is deleted or overwritten. Data can be stolen or illegally transferred to sell confidential information or for the purpose of identity theft. While the cloud is seen as the safest place to hold your data, it’s still possible for bad actors to access and misuse data stored on the cloud.

It’s also possible that businesses can simply lose track of where data is being stored on the cloud due to oversight or erroneous storage methods.

3. Encryption Can Be Cracked

Cloud encryption doesn’t ensure 100% data protection. Advanced cyber attackers may have the capability to crack the encryption keys required to unlock the data in cloud storage. In a similar vein, companies can effectively lose data if they lose or misplace the encryption keys themselves.

4. Operating System Vulnerabilities

Operating system vulnerabilities are a major source of cloud data breaches. Patches to operating systems often include fixes for recently discovered vulnerabilities, meaning that failing to update your OS promptly can lead to periods of exacerbated vulnerability to malware.

How Using an Added Layer of Security Solidifies Cloud Data Protection

Hackers and cyber attackers are constantly changing and updating their maneuvers to keep pace with technological advancement. Having an added layer of security for your cloud-based data storage helps you safeguard your precious data through the addition of multiple lines of defense. It also helps you stay on the right side of compliance by ensuring appropriate security and privacy measures in your cloud environment.

Using Rixon Technology as an Added Layer of Security

Rixon Technology provides the added layer of heightened security required to maximize data security and solve data privacy concerns on the cloud through our cloud-native vaultless tokenization platform. It’s high-speed, customizable, durable, and, best of all, scalable for your business.

Advanced Data Privacy Solutions

Rixon’s data security platform relies on tokenization instead of encryption to deliver unparalleled security. Encryption uses algorithms to convert data to cipher text and back and is therefore crackable. 

Tokenization substitutes the data with randomly created “tokens,” making data virtually impenetrable. The process essentially removes any ability to connect the transaction back to the data, preventing exposure.

Tokenization can be customized by factoring in the client’s unique needs and requirements to provide the highest protection in the cloud.

Data Sovereignty

Using Rixon Technology’s privacy-grade platform helps ensure data sovereignty by placing control firmly in the hands of the end consumer. The consumer can access and manage the use of their data remotely from anywhere in the world simply by toggling a switch. Giving consumers control over their data helps your business stay compliant with data owner rights.

Client-Defined Masking

When you use Rixon Technology, you can completely control the masking of specific information for users either within the organization or for third-party service providers when moving data.  

The masking is reversible and embedded into the functionality of the platform. Limiting access to sensitive information helps protect it from potential breaches.

Easy Access Controls

Easy access controls give you complete authority over all aspects of your security management for both internal and external stakeholders. Fully turn on or off access control for third-party suppliers, shipping providers, or departments within your organization at the simple click of a button.

Unmatched speed, durability, and guaranteed uptime

Security doesn’t have to come at the cost of speed or uptime. With Rixon, in addition to superior security technology, you also get the benefits of a global cloud-native architecture that provides unparalleled uptime and a durability guarantee. 

That’s not all. Rixon’s technology is fast, which means no lagging or delay for your end consumers. You can focus on the task of providing innovative products and services and forget about the minutiae of securing your data on the cloud and constantly monitoring evolving data security and privacy regulations.

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