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Regardless of your industry, global location, risk tolerance, or compliance obligations, Rixon’s Enterprise Vaultess Tokenization solution can help you better secure your data and lower your risk, scope, and cost. One of our security experts would love to show you how.

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Vaultless Service

Rixon does not store raw data or tokens, and NEVER has access to your organizations critical information.

Format Preserving

Implement Rixon’s solution without changing your applications or databases, in any language.

Industry-Leading Speed

Sub-second response times, capable of 2.5M+ tokens per second, coupled with 99.9999% up-time.

Smart Tokens

Fully customize the tokenization process to meet your organizations data security needs.

Unlimited Scalability

Able to meet the data security needs of any organization, large or small.

24/7/365 Global Availability

Continuous access from any location, around the world.

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