Advanced data security solution

Cloud-native software designed to maximize compliance and increase ROI

Any market

Any language

compliant Anywhere

Superior Data Security Platform

Rixon eliminates sensitive data. With our tokenization process, personal information is immediately removed as if it was never put through the server. There is no memory of data, which means there is never data to steal or protect.

Solve for Data Owner Rights

Data owner rights are native to the advanced security platform.  Rixon has solved the most complex problem faced by companies today. Our reversible masking capability allows the data owner in collaboration with the service provider to control access to the data, from anywhere in the world.

  • • Right to the Information “audit”
  • • Right to access
  • • Right to rectification
  • • Right to erasure
  • • Right to be forgotten (RtbF)
  • • Right to restrict of processing
  • • Right to data portability
  • • Right to be removed from automatic decision making.


Services are hosted on multiple redundant instances in data centers around the globe to safeguard against downtime and deliver 99.999% availability.

Elastically scalable infrastructure is used to scale up automatically to handle the times when your transactions do the same so that a consistent sub-second user experience is offered.

Enjoy enterprise-grade technology at a predictable and justifiable subscription rate. No lock-in, discontinue service at any time.

Create and manage your token definitions, security policies, and other configurations in real-time from anywhere.

We log each request for data and every activity in the configuration portal. Your service usage and security audit reports are available through the portal.




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