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The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is a privacy and security law that was passed by the European Union on May 25th, 2018. While it’s an EU regulation, its influence has a global impact: any company, no matter where it’s based, must prove GDPR compliance if it handles data for any EU citizen.

GDPR is the toughest privacy and data security regulation in the world today. Organizations that violate GDPR can be subject to fines up to 20 million euros, and face even greater liability in class-action and other civil suits. As the EU represents a dramatic portion of the global marketplace, adhering to GDPR is critical, especially for enterprises operating in the cloud.


Key terms under GDPR

Any information about an individual which could be used to directly or indirectly identify them. Names, email addresses, credit card numbers, and personal identification numbers are among things considered personal data according to GDPR.

Any automated or manual action performed on or using data. Collecting, recording, organizing, storing, using and deleting are all data processing actions. 

The person whose data is being processed. The user who enters their name, address and phone number is the data subject.

An owner or employee of an organization who handles user data of any person belonging to the EU is a data controller.

A third party who processes data collected by a data controller.

GDPR Compliance Challenges

GDPR Compliance Challenges

GDPR requires data controllers to encrypt, pseudonymize, or anonymize user data whenever possible.

Rixon’s customizable, cloud-native tokenization software is designed to give enterprises a data security solution that can meet the lofty standards of GDPR. By converting sensitive user data into pseudonymous smart tokens and converting tokens back to their original form at a moment's notice, data controllers can adhere to GDPR data protection principles and guidelines.

GDPR requires data controllers give data subjects the “Right to Erasure”

Also known as Right to be Forgotten (RtBF), GDPR requires data controllers to give data subjects the right to have their data disappear under certain circumstances. Rixon’s solution to RtBF is an industry-first reversible masking capability that allows companies to regrant data subjects’ control over their own personal data.

GDPR requires data controllers to take data protection into account every time they handle personal data.

Rixon’s data security software is designed to allow unlimited customization, scalability and adaptability. Users can create as many token definitions or security policies as they need to ensure they meet GDPR compliance requirements as they scale operations.

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