Why Partner With Rixon Technology

As a technology partner, reseller, MSP, or consultant, we understand that you take on a certain level of risk every time you promote a new technology or data security solution to your client. Every solution that you promote represents your expertise, dependability, and trustworthiness and adds a level of vulnerability to your working relationship between you and your client.

That being said, it’s critically important that the data security solutions you promote will enhance your client’s data security posture, limit risk, and help them ensure compliance. 

Unfortunately, today, many data security solutions do not effectively protect clients’ data, help mitigate risk or reduce the overall likelihood of data exposure. See, as we all know, there are hundreds of data security solutions and data protection strategies in the market today that promise a safe, secure environment. However, in parallel, we see an astonishingly fast-growing cybercrime market, expected to reach a global price tag of $10.5 trillion annually by 2025.  So, What’s going on here? 

It’s our assessment that the current data security strategies need improvement to protect against these attacks more effectively. If not, wouldn’t we see a drop in the total cost of cybercrime?

The Rixon Solution

Rixon Technology offers technology partner, reseller, MSP, or consultant a unique opportunity to partner with a technology provider that can truly provide an answer to this growing challenge of data exposure, data breaches.

The tokenization process is a process that replaces a sensitive value with a surrogate non-sensitive equivalent. Instead of replacing the entire value (like a vault), our tokenization engine breaks a given value down into smaller chunks and replaces each piece many times using smaller lookup tables. Each time a chunk of data is replaced, the engine’s algorithm mutates and generates a new solution pattern to return the next piece of data.

Then, this replacement process iterates the value of several hundreds of thousands of times. The resulting tokens are extremely difficult to reverse in the absence of the tokenization system.  In combination, the cryptographic values, unique keys, unique process, and using a unique series of lookup tables for every value that the engine processes, there is no pattern.  Our tokenization engine is optimized and runs completely in memory. As a result, it is extremely fast while providing security and reliability, not suffering from performance, security, or scalability limitations like solutions maintaining a database of sensitive values as in a vaulted. We guarantee 99.9999999% durability of data sent to the tokenization engine.

The tokenization engine can be configured to generate reversible, temporarily reversible, or non-reversible tokens. Each Token Definition can be configured to tokenize all or part of a value, preserve the format, and can handle numeric, alpha, dates, times, base64, multiple languages, and other data types with unique properties such as passing luhn10 checks.  

Compliance Concerns

Rixon Technology also provides a cutting-edge solution around compliance concerns. Since our tokenization platform can offer reversible masking capabilities, we have the ability to offer whats termed self-sovereign PII. Doesn’t sound familiar? Well, that’s because RixonTechnology is ahead of the competition in offering this unique patented solution. With our unique platform, we can make it so clients can offer their customers to disappear their own PII. This unique solution is the answer to growing compliance requirements that are creating stricter requirements around how organizations store, manage and delete PII upon request. This forward-thinking solution allows the end-user to regain control of their sensitive data, ensuring compliance for the company.

Why Partner With Rixon Technology?

We succeed when you succeed. Plain and simple. We’ve made it our mission to provide cutting-edge solutions that provide true data security. By partnering with Rixon Technology, you’ll award your clients with a solution that truly mitigates the risk of data exposure and data breaches, ensures compliance, and keeps them protected for the future.

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